This is probably the most creative chicken commercial I have ever seen.

You have probably seen all of the new KFC commercials that are focused around #HowDoYouKFC on TV. Turns out, those commercials are just the tip of the iceberg. Online KFC has even more commercial, that as far as I know, haven't been on TV. But in my opinion, these are way more creative.

I found this one in particular that I thought was either really funny, or really creepy. Either way, it was entertaining. It's basically a boy on his prom night, and instead of showing up with a traditional corsage, he gets a little more creative...



So, after watching this commercial, you would assume that it is a joke, right? There is a flower shop in Louisville that is seriously offering this! I didn't believe it until I went to their website myself, and sure enough, under special occasion flowers, there it was. You can see for yourself HERE.

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