I think it's great when charities team up with local businesses or restaurants for "Give Back Days."  It's a cool way of giving to charities without having to put out much effort or any additional expense.  However, if you love doing EVEN LESS than that, and want to participate in a great Give Back Day for an awesome local charity, Yankee Candle and the Warrick Humane Society for you to participate in a Give Back Day without even having to leave your house!


Everybody loves Yankee Candles.  Seriously, if you don't give or receive a Yankee Candle at once per holiday season, are you even a human?  And since you're probably going to be buying at least one Yankee Candle anyway, you can do it online AND give FORTY percent of your order back to our furry friends at the Warrick Humane Society!  This offer is good through October 15th, 2018...  PLUS if you order within that time frame your order will be in before Thanksgiving!


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