Evansville is in the process of getting something pretty cool, a huge concrete skatepark! The name is Sunset Skatepark and they recently unveiled their upcoming location. The skatepark will be located on the Evansville riverfront connecting Micky's Kingdom to the new EWSU Pump Station Project, right along the Greenway.  It's a perfect location for what will surely be an asset to our community.

Sunset Skatepark has been working hard to raise funds for this project, and they currently have a lofty goal of $50,000 that they'd like to hit because they're up for a matching grant that will match funds up to $50,000. You can help them reach that goal a few different ways. First off you can follow the Sunset Skatepark Facebook page to stay up to date with fundraising events.  Second, you can donate to the Sunset Skatepark GoFundMe, here.  You can also help by purchasing one of these special Sunset Skatepark fundraising tees. The tees are green in color with the Sunset Skatepark logo on them. The t-shirts will be for sale through River City Coffe & Goods with all proceeds going directly to the Sunset Skatepark GoFundMe.

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The t-shirts are currently available for pre-order now, with pickup being June 5th at River city Coffee & Goods. According to the post about the tees on Facebook, you can choose in-store pickup to avoid paying a shipping fee and pick the shirt up yourself. To pre-order your Sunset Skatepark shirt, you can pre-order here.


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