For the second year in a row, the Boys & Girls Club of Evansville will partner with Planet Fitness Athletic Club to encourage young people in the community to contribute to a "more judgement free planet" in an effort to bring an end to bullying in all forms.

Being a kid or teenager these days is far more difficult today then it was when you or I were younger. Gone are the days of simply getting called names at school, or getting prank phone calls at home; as social media has grown to become an integral part of our culture, and one of the primary ways people communicate, it has also become another avenue for young people to say some extremely hateful things to each other while hiding behind a keyboard or smartphone screen.

In an effort to educate young people on the dangers those types of actions and words have on those they target, Planet Fitness will donate the $5 dollar down payment of every new membership booked through October 13th to the Boys & Girls Club for anti-bullying education and to promote pro-kindness among its members.

As a gym that promotes a "Judgement Free Zone" at all their locations, including their Evansville location in Lawndale Shopping Center, Planet Fitness is the perfect partner for anti-bullying campaign.

If you've been thinking about joining a gym in an effort to get yourself in better shape, consider this your sign that now is the time.

[Source: Boys & Girls Club Press Release]

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