You know I love our local news stories.  We're the guys who bring you "It Came From Evansville Watch" and can't stop laughing at the absurdity of some of the things that happen here in the Tri-State.

I also love a good mugshot.  I feel like there's a reason the crazy ones go viral.  I saw a local mugshot being shared on my news feed, and some of the comments I had been seeing were hysterically funny!


This mugshot a Boonville woman cuts off her T-shirt at just the right place to start a caption contest. Admittedly, by saying "contest" might lead someone to assume that there will be a winner and/or a prize, neither of which are the case, but we can still have some fun, right?!  Why not go ahead and fill in the blank on this Boonville woman's T-shirt.


And for the record, I do not know this woman nor what she did.  I don't even want to know.  I just know that she's wearing the best T-shirt to get locked up in.  What do you think might be the next line of this beautiful, classy T-shirt?  Leave us a comment in the comments section!


Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office
Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office

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