It was a truly magical moment last night at Bar Louie!

Last night, eating competitors of all shapes and sizes gathered upon Evansville's Bar Louie to participate in the third annual Rock the Tot eating competition.  The rules were simple: Whoever eats the most tater tots inside of eight minutes would be crowned the winner.


No stranger to eating competitions, Jimmy "Big Boy" Chubbymuffins was up for the challenge.  His strategy was very uncouth, stuffing himself full of soda and needless liquids before the competition, but he left enough room in his stomach for the all-important tots.


Chubbymuffins came out swinging at the start of the 8:00, seemingly utilizing the "snowball" method of gorging, which involves picking up tots in both hands and stuffing them together so the result looks like a greasy, potato-y snowball that he would stuff into his face.


Other competitors initially seemed unaffected by the intimidating Big Boy.  The tiny Harry Totter kept chipping away at his pile, while others, like Henderson's Skinny, tapped out after watching Chubbymuffins work.  One competitor Paxon was able to keep up with Big Boy, and at the end of the compition, only a few tots seperated him from the first place Chubbymuffins.

Needless to say, THIS is a video you have GOT to see!