Justin Bieber got more than he bargained for when he tossed his towel into a crowd of over-excited teenage girls!

The Canadian heart-throb had finished a set at a recent concert and prepared to go into his hit "Baby".  After wiping the well-deserved sweat from his bob-covered brow, he tossed the towel into the audience which apparently was like throwing raw meat to hungry wolves!

According to CBS News  the Biebs can be heard shouting:

"Yo! You can't fight over it, don't fight over it...someone's gonna get hurt! Let it go, let it go, let it go."

Sounds like lyrics to his next hit single if you ask me!

A fight ensued between a couple of fanatics and escalated to the point of the Biebs having to play King Solomon by making the brawlers give the towel to someone else!

Poor towlie....

CBS News