Update (2/2): Elizabeth Banks has been cast as the Power Rangers' loathsome Rita Repulsa, an intergalactic witch who was locked in a space dumpster before being mistakenly set free.

"After 10,000 years, I'm free! It's time to conquer Earth!" Banks tweeted (Rita's famous first words from the franchise's TV series) amid the announcement.

Sounds like Becky G's just landed an eleventh-hour Halloween costume idea: the Yellow Ranger. She'll be playing the character in the upcoming film adaptation of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (!!!).

Today (October 30), Lionsgate announced in a tweet that Becky, who's also appeared on FOX's massively successful Empire, will assume the role of the saber-toothed tiger superhero in the 2017 film. The original Power Rangers series first premiered in 1993 and has since spawned more than 20 spinoffs. It also hit the big screen in 1995 as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, which included a handful of the show's original cast members.

"My favorite color is yellow. It's like it was meant to be," Becky tweeted after the announcement was made. "I am a @PowerRangers."

Becky will join Ludi Lin, who's been cast as the Black Ranger; Naomi Scott, who's been cast as the Pink Ranger; Dacre Montgomery, who's been cast as the Red Ranger and R.J. Cyler, who's been cast as the Blue Ranger, according to VarietyAshley Miller and Zack Stentz have written the script.

The original Yellow Ranger, played by the late Thuy Trang, was named Trini Kwan and was the group's most intelligent, compassionate and disciplined member. Trang left the shower over a contract dispute, and her character was said to have forfeited her powers to attend the World Peace Conference.

Think Becky G will do the Yellow Ranger legacy proud? Share your thoughts on her casting!

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