Stressed? Anxious? Love animals? Then do I have the perfect solution for you! It's called Baby Goat Yoga. Essentially it works just as it sounds. You pay for a ticket, go to the session, and are guided in yoga by an instructor as you would be at any yoga session. Except for this time, there are baby goats. BABY FRIGGIN' GOATS, PEOPLE!

Be Happy Yoga and Salt Cave in Bowling Green, Kentucky along with Buck Creek Stables is hosting many sessions of Baby Goat Yoga throughout September! So if you love yoga and baby goats, why not give it a shot?

For dates and times throughout September, click here! A ticket purchased in advance is required and one Baby Goat Yoga session is $20.00 per person.


Bowling Green, Kentucky is about an hour and forty-five minutes from Evansville and an hour and ten minutes from Owensboro. Even though it's a little bit of a haul, to me Baby Goat Yoga is so worth it!

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