Nobody like to get sick, but when we do, some are WORSE at than others! When I get sick, like I did this past winter as usual, I like to suffer through the worst of it as quickly as I can without any medications if possible. I don't like taking pain meds, or cold/cough syrup because they don't speed up recovery, they only mask the symptoms and can actually slow down your bodies natural ability to heal.

But sometimes, the pain or sickness is absolutely unbearable and we have to seek the help of a professional. Doctors are generally expected to have a good "bedside manner" but most patients don't. Most of us never follow our doctor's instructions when it comes to staying in bed, or taking meds when we're supposed to.

When you get sick are you a BAD PATIENT? Do you make every little ache seem like you're about die any minute, or not stay in bed and REST like you're supposed to? Leave your comments and I'll read them on the next show!


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