ISP Sergeant Stephen Wheeles issued a ticket to a driver that would not move to the right lane, so other drivers could pass. He said that there were 20 cars waiting to pass. The "Left Lane" law has been in effect since 2015. Since then, ISP has issued 4,688 warnings and 331 citations for violations.

THE ROB: As I mentioned on the air earlier, while I understand why this law and this citation is controversial, I fully support this officer and the decision to cite this slow left lane driver.  Because of this one driver's, I don't know if you want to call it "selfishness" or "ignorance," but she was disrupting the flow of traffic.  It's a huge inconvenience and also dangerous to disregard the traffic laws and "customs," which in Indiana, by law, this qualifies as both.  I commend this officer for his traffic stop and encourage other officers of the law to do the same!

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