This weekend (Friday June 22nd - Saturday June 23rd, 2018), our friends at the Warrick Humane Society are running a "Black Friday" special!  More than 75% of the dogs and cats at WHS are black in color.  For some reason, animal shelter historically have a more difficult time adopting black animals than other colors, despite them being just as loving as any other color animal.  So this weekend Warrick Humane Society is offering a special on black dogs and cats!


Adopting a black cat this weekend will only cost $40.  Dog prices vary, but most of the dogs there will be available for only $75!  All animals will come fully vetted, up to date on all of their shots, spayed/neutered, etc...


I got to meet a lot of these wonderful animals while I was hosting The Rob's Radio Show live from the Warrick Humane Society.  Here are just a few of the awesome black dogs I got to meet yesterday at the Warrick Humane Society!


First up is Hershey. She's an older gal and doesn't have a lot of spunk like the younger dogs. This is a GOOD thing! No chewing up shoes; no jumping on kids and knocking them over; no more rude behavior! Just a sweet ole gal who wants to hang with you and love on you!

Pet of the Week is brought to you by Pet Supplies Plus!

Next up is Zuko! Sorry about the sound. It didn't seem to work but you'll get the idea. Zuko is a male puppy with tons of energy. You will need to teach him manners but he is a delight. And, those eyes!

Now this sweetheart of a guy is Devon. He's a year old Rottweiler mix who just wants to snuggle and play toys!

Ever heard of splooting? That's what our pal Cosby is doing. He's full of energy and ready for his new home!


Another couple of black dogs on sale this weekend are Bailey and Annie!

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