Anyone need a 19 year old with skills?


Evansville Buy/Sell/Trade groups can be a great place to get a good deal on a TV or maybe even a slightly used couch. When browsing the group earlier today, I noticed a stranger-than-normal listing.

An Evansville teen, Cohner Payne, has decided to try to sell himself on Facebook. Here's his listing:


Normally, I block out any personal information, but this guy wants to sell himself and his work skills, so I guess I'm helping? I have no idea what his skills are, but they are included in this $10,000 human sale. You do have to provide him with a place to stay because you want him to be comfortable.

I have to say, though, $10,000 seems a bit much considering earlier today, we established a child is only around the price of a 12 pack of tacos, so Cohner really must really think he's worth a lot more tacos.

Good luck in your journey, Cohner, even if selling people is typically frowned upon (it's illegal), even if you are selling yourself.

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