Yep, you read that right.

(WalterDrake via Amazon)
(WalterDrake via Amazon)

I don't have kids yet, but several of my friends do. When friend has a daughter who is currently in the "terrible 2's" portion of life and driving my friend and his wife crazy. There are probably times when they wouldn't mind trading their daughter in for some peace and quiet. Or hell, maybe they'll even try trading her in for some tacos from Taco Bell.

That's what happened earlier today. As reported by Evansville Watch, a woman asked if she could exchange her child for a 12 pack of tacos. Yep, that's a real thing that happened.

Props to the woman though for trying to get the best value for the human life she created though. 12 tacos don't come cheap.

You can check out the full post below!


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