Amazon Prime costs $119 a month, but when you factor in the sweet delivery deals and the convenience of items being delivered to your door as soon as the next day, you really can't beat it.

An often times forgotten about feature of Amazon is Amazon Fresh, which came out in 2007. Basically, it's a way for you to have fresh groceries delivered straight to your doorstep. Yep, another reason to never leave the house. Amazon Fresh previously costs user an additional $15 a month for the service, but the company announced Tuesday it's slashing the fee.

In an effort to rev up it's grocery service, Amazon Fresh delivery will be free now for Prime members, but there are some stipulations: at least $35 must be spent to qualify for free delivery in two hours, and Amazon suggests a $5 tip for the delivery workers.

According to reports, Stephenie Landry, Amazon's vice president of grocery delivery, said the company plans to expand Amazon Fresh beyond the 2,000 cities and towns it currently is in.

Some of us like to actually see and feel our produce in the store, and I used to be that person too before grocery delivery became almost a necessity in my busy mom life. Here are my go-to Amazon grocery items I stock up on each trip:

*As Amazon affiliates we earn a percentage of each item sold*

">Organic Banana Bunch


">GoGo Squeeze Fruit Pouches 


">Larabar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bars 


">Udi's Gluten Free Pizza 


">Tyson's Gluten Free Chicken Strips 


Side note: my fiance (obviously) has a gluten allergy. Amazon has an almost unlimited selection of gluten free food options which is awesome. Most local retailers don't carry items consistently or move them around a lot within the store. If you or someone in your house has food allergies, Amazon is a really great place to get groceries.

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