I know you've seen it done on television, but dumping a helpless animal on someone's doorstep and leaving is not only inconsiderate, but downright cruel! Imagine being put in a box, trapped in the dark for days, not knowing if anyone can hear you cry, hoping someone comes to rescue you. That's how one poor little kitten felt over the weekend.

According to their FB page, [WCAC] had "an animal dumped illegally Saturday morning during the holiday weekend. We did not even notice the poor thing until we watched the security cameras and saw who dumped the poor kitten! IT IS ILLEGAL TO DUMP AN ANIMAL EVEN AT ANIMAL CONTROL!

"IF someone tells you to take an animal to animal control they must be open to intake the animal....do NOT leave it unsupervised where is could die, get loose or left for days before someone notices it. We are not looking for opinions on this matter and it is NEVER acceptable. It is free to surrender a stray and we stay late for people who make arrangements on a regular basis. IF YOU DUMP AN ANIMAL WE WILL FILE CHARGES!"

Leaving an animal that can't fend for itself outside in the elements if definitely a form of animal cruelty. Just because you leave it on the doorstep is no guarantee that anyone will find it in time. If you have an animal that you are no longer able to care for, please contact your nearest animal shelter to make arrangements. They will probably come to you if necessary!

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