If you're a homeowner or even if you rent, there are always a million things to do around the house at any given time, and finding ways to save money is ALWAYS on the list. Here are 5 things EVERY Homeowner/Renter can do this summer that can DEFINITELY help you do that!

5. Check the Status of you Homeowners Insurance - Insurance rates change ALL the time. If you're nearing the end of your insurance term, it's a good idea to start shopping around. You could also considering bundling your homeowners/renter policy with your car insurance or other policies.

4. Check the Temperature Settings on your Water Heater - Having your water temperature set too high can cause you to waste a lot of energy trying to keep that water hot. Reduce the temperature settings to the lowest, COMFORTABLE setting as possible. Most people can't take showers hotter than 120 degrees without scalding the skin.

3. Automate your Thermostat - Most thermostats have a 'SCHEDULE' setting on them so you can set when you want the heat or a/c to kick on. Setting the thermostat to shut off when no one's home is one of the BEST ways to save money.

2. Make sure your home has proper INSULATION - The most common way people lose money on utility bills is by not having proper or even enough insulation in their home. Check to make sure that the water heater and pipes are covered with insulation to help prevent heat lose. This will keep the water heater from working so hard to maintain a consistent temperature and even prevent pipes from FREEZING in the winter. CAPE has a FREE Program that offers home insulation and thermostat upgrades.

1. Check into lowering your interest rate / PRINCIPLE Balance on your Mortgage - There are a LOT of companies that can help with refinancing to lower your interest rates, if you're just looking to lower you MONTHLY bills. Also, there are a few State and Federal Government programs that offer homeowners GRANTS to help reduce your principle balance allow you to pay off your home faster!

If you have any other ideas on how to save money this summer, drop them in them comment box!

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