Purging your closet and the whole house is stressful just thinking about it. By following the 101 Items To Get Rid Of Without Regret checklist, my life is much more stress free!

If you are like me, your house (and soul) need a purge like no other. I always throw in the towel because it stresses me out to even think about getting rid of things. Even though I know I will feel so much better afterwards. I always think "I might wear this again", "awe remember when we used this for ___?", "I can't just throw that out!" and so on. It's a never ending struggle.

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I am proud to say I followed the 101 Items To Get Rid Of Without Regret and I was able to purge so much and not feel stressed because it gave me a place to start. Sometimes I would look at one of our spare bedrooms and think "I don't even know where to begin" but now I look at it, and it's all clean and ready for a remodel!

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