Evansville, IN, hasn't always gotten the best reputation. To the rest of the world, we are known as the fattest city, the most miserable city and an all around crummy place to be. But, we know better. We know how good we've got it here and we want to show it off!


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    You Can Get a Brain Sandwich Whenever You Darn Well Feel Like It

    Hmmm... what do I feel like for lunch? German, Moroccan, Greek or brains? We have so many different types of restaurants here and different types of food to choose from - and yes, there are a few establishments that serve brains on a daily basis.

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    We Embrace Our Uniqueness

    You know you are from Evansville when you know (and love) Ski and Grippos. Whether you embrace Ski and Grippos, dance a Polka at the Volksfest or sport a #WeAreEVV shirt, you get it... Evansville is also home to various races, colors and creeds - all of which are welcome.

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    A Cool Mayor Heads Up This Place

    Mayor Winnecke is a cool guy. And, he's a nice guy who is genuinely passionate about Evansville. If you have never spoken to the Mayor, we would encourage you to flag him down and say hello.

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    We Run with the Big Dogs

    Brand new state-of-the-art arena? Check... World-class entertainers booked? Check... Plenty of talent who were born and raised in Evansville... Check... Yep, this is Big Dog country!

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    It's Prime Water-Front Property

    Though I wouldn't eat anything that came from it, the Ohio is vessel of commerce, transportation and even down-home redneckery.

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    You Are Cared For When You Are in Need

    Working in media, you are aware of every charity that comes down the pike - mainly because they need your support. Be proud that you live in a place with so many passionate and giving people. From the West Side Nut Club Fall Fest and 911 Gives Hope for the Holidays to Holly's House, Race for the Cure and all the humane societies, we take care of our own.

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    It Takes Less Than 30 Minutes to Get Anywhere in Evansville

    Okay, if you are going from the Eastside Walmart to USI at 5 PM during Christmas season, you won't get there in 30 but generally it doesn't take hours (and a ton of gas to get where you are going).

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    We Are There When the World Needs Us

    There's an old rumor that Evansville was on Hitler's hit list perhaps because Evansville was the highest producing LST shipyard in the nation. Not sure if it's true but even now we are home to hundreds of military personnel and manufacturing plants that distribute worldwide.

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    We Are Smack Dab Right in the Middle of Lots of Cool Places

    Nashville, Indianapolis, Louisville, St. Louis and a plethora of small and medium-sized towns are only a few hours by car. You get the best of everything by living here!

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    We are Homegrown

    There's no Sacks 5th Avenue around and we might not all have "black tie attire" to wear to the formal galas but you know someone is always going to be someone else rockin' a pair of bluejeans. That's just who we are and know it and embrace it. Be thankful that you live in a place where friendly people and friendly smiles are commonplace and you can be who you are...