Ahhh, the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival. It's a time and place where even the older generations can feel like a kid again. But, do you realize how many life lessons the younger ones learn from the Fall Fest? If you are a parent, and you don't teach your kids these things shhhhaaaaame on you!

1. Delayed Gratification

Yes, it sucks to wait in line but it's part of life. It also makes the ride that much sweeter. It's not fair for parents to stand in line for kids while they run off and ride other rides. Not fair! Don't be that parent.

2. Wandering Off - Don't Get Snatched

Nothing is scarier for parent or child than unintended separation. One round of this and your kid will stick to you like glue. Be smart - go to the Vanderburgh Co Sheriff's Office booth for a phone bracelet when you get to the festival. Also, determine a meeting place or send an extra cell phone with your kid. (Bonus: If a creeper offers you a puppy inside his creepy Chester Molester van... DON'T TAKE IT!)

3. Decision Making

What do you do when you have over 150 amazing choices ahead of you - decide. There's always tomorrow... or next year.

4. Time Management - Making a Plan of Action Prior to Takeoff

You have a wristband and only two hours to squeeze in as many rides as you can. WITHOUT CHEATING (see #1) manage your time wisely. Make a plan of action. Carry it out. Don't stand around talking.

5. Know Thy Stomach Limitations

Pronto pup, fried cookies, meat on a stick, lemon shake ups, fried balls of dough... these lead to one thing. Indigestion. Enjoy in moderation especially before the rides.

6. Dress for Success - and by that I Mean WARM

This is especially important for the teenagers who thing they don't need a coat at night. This is the perfect opportunity to learn from the school of hard (and cold) knocks.

7. Money Management - BONUS: Inflation!

My mom would always give me $20 to go to Holiday World - but wanted $10 back. At the time, it was torture. Lunch and a snack only? No pictures from the roller coaster? No souvenirs? But, I was afraid of not giving that money back to my mom without a darn good excuse - like my leg was cut off and I needed to buy bandages.Anyway, with so many food and ride decisions it's good to give your kids a set amount of money and let them make their choices within their budget. (Bonus: If you go every year, you can teach them about inflation!)

8. There Are All Kinds of Kinds - Diversity

Nothing teaches kids tolerance and diversity more than a night at the Fall Fest. You see it all...

9. How to Read a (Munchie) Map

If you ask my 17-year-old which was is West, she has no idea. GREAT for a kid operating a vehicle! Booth #5 is on the East end of Franklin. Let's go this way... For the love, start young!

10. Parallel Parking Skills and Etiquette Matter

This is especially important for the about-to-drive teens. Ever see "that guy" who left a half of a parking space between him and the two cars around him. Had he pulled up, someone else could have squeezed in - maybe you... Jerk! Don't let your kid grow up to be "that guy." School 'em now!

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