Being born and raised on the west side means that a trip to the annual West Side Nut Club Fall Festival every October isn't an option. It's mandatory. But that's not a bad thing by any stretch. A trip down Franklin Street means gorging on a ridiculous amount of food then trying to keep it all down as your spun around, whipped around, and flipped upside down in the midway.

My days of riding the Gravitron over and over...and over and over again are behind me. Instead, I put 100% of my focus on the food. I always shoot for trying at least one new thing (this year is was Deep Fried Mac 'N' Cheese), but there are a few standards I have to have in order to count it as a successful trip. Below are just a few of those "must haves" along with a couple of oddities you'll only find at the Fall Festival.

The first of multiple pronto pups I will consume over the course of the week. (Ryan O'Bryan Instagram)
It's not officially a trip the Fall Festival until I've had a least one jug of Cherry Apple Cider. (Ryan O'Bryan Instagram)
Chicken Fried Bacon. If there's anything unhealthier and more delicious than good old fashioned bacon, this is it. Perfect for those who have given up on life. (Ryan O'Bryan Instagram)
Check out this beefy wiener! (Ryan O'Bryan Instagram)
Sometimes you feel like a wiener...and sometimes you dress up like one. (Ryan O'Bryan Instagram)
After nearly 30 years of going to the Fall Festival, I still manage to find something I've never seen before. (Ryan O'Bryan Instagram)