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Who Do You Think Won Last Night’s Debate [POLL]
The Rob's Radio Show was just discussing last night's debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.  CNN is reporting that Governor Romney won 67% - 25% (8% believe it was tied).  We want to know what the Tri-State specifically thinks...
This weeks KISS ‘EM or DISS ‘EM is all about babies! (Under age 3!) Since we can’t diss a baby, the contest for this week is Kiss ‘em or , well Kiss ‘em! So here we go! Mirror, mirror on the wall – who’s the cutest of them all?
Cleaning Fairy Charged [POLL]
In Kat's news today, she read a story about the "Cleaning Fairy" who broke into a woman's house when she wasn't home.  While she didn't take anything, she cleaned the woman's house and wrote a bill on a napkin, hoping she'd pay.  The woman wa…

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