Has social media and technology in general made sending Christmas cards obsolete?

My wife and I have sent cards in the past which usually involved trying to get the kids to sit still in front of the tree (always a challenge), then taking the picture to one of the pharmacy's or department stores in town to create the card itself and print off however many copies we need.

This year, we pretty much decided not to even bother. And by the slow trickle of cards we've received this year, I don't think we're alone, and I think social media is partly to blame.

Think about it, Christmas cards used to be a way to see how your friends kids have grown, but now thanks to Facebook, we can see our friends kids every day. And who sends anything in the mail anymore anyway other than companies offering me great deals on home owners insurance, or a great rate on a credit card. Things that ultimately end up in the trash anyway — just like every Christmas card on December 26th.

Maybe I'm just being a scrooge, what do you think?