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Ryan O’Bryan Needs Your Help Picking the Next Food Tour [POLL]
The month of May is officially over and with it comes the end of National Burger Month. A month that inspired my very own local "Burger Tour" which wrapped up earlier this week with a stop at the iconic Zesto on Franklin Street near downtown. But why stop with burgers? There are so many di…
Is College Basketball Destroying Kentucky?
I learned over the weekend how seriously people in the Tri-State take their college basketball!  (Or at least how quickly my Facebook friends, who never post about college b-ball all year, jump on the bandwagon when their team is doing well...  One or the other.)
IU and UK Rematch Set for the Sweet 16 – Who Will Win? [POLL]
The NCAA committee that lays out the bracket for the men's basketball tournament got exactly what they wanted when they put IU and UK in same region, a rematch between the team many feel to be the best in the country and the team that handed them their first of only two losses the entire season…

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