Now usually I don't do this, but...uh, I'm gonna go ahead and break you off a little preview of the remix. Wait, that's not right. That's R. Kelly. I'm going to tell you who I think will win tonight's season finale of The Voice on NBC. Yeah, that's it.

As I have freely admitted in the past, I'm not the biggest reality TV, or talent competition show fan (truth be told, I hate most of it), however I do enjoy The Voice when I watch it. I like the setup of the show from the blind auditions, to the battle rounds, to the live shows. I also enjoy the judges and Carson Daily because they don't come off as snooty as some of the judges and hosts of other shows.

While I haven't seen every episode of this season (a fact I admitted to this morning during our chat with The Voice Season 2 contestants, The Shields Brothers), I have watched enough to know that I agree with two-thirds of the finalists America has selected to be the next Voice champion. Here's who I think should win and who I think will win (SPOILER ALERT! It's two different people)

Terry McDermott

How Terry has made it this far, I have no idea. When I caught one of his performances earlier in the season, I thought he had potential, but he hasn't really done anything to wow me since then. To me, he's a really good karaoke singer, not the next pop superstar.

Nicholas David

Remember when I said there was someone I think should win? That would be Nicholas David. Without a doubt, Nicholas has had the most unique voice this season and just killed it with his "Great Balls of Fire" / "Fire" medley on Monday night. If the judges were deciding the winner, I think Nicholas would get it. Unfortunately, the American public decides, and I don't think Nicholas has the mainstream look or appeal of today's pop stars. He's an old soul who I could see opening for a Moody Blues reunion tour. That leaves the door open for...

Cassadee Pope

Cassadee has it all. She's attractive (which appeals to the male audience), and she has a tremendous voice. Cassadee has also proven that she can sing a variety of genre's which I guarantee has record executives everywhere drooling over their keyboards. When all is said and done on Tuesday night, Cassadee Pope will have her hand raised as the third champion of the The Voice.