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Nino’s Movie Rental of the Week – Bad Ass
If you're looking for a good movie to help you relax on the rainy night, THEN THIS AIN'T THE MOVIE FOR YOU! Bad Ass, starring one of my favorite actors Danny Trejo, is an action packed movie based loosey on the REAL LIFE event of a Vietnam Vet who has had ENOUGH
Octomom’s New Single? [POLL]
Nadya Suleman has gone from Octomom to Rock-tomom! She has been in the studio recording a new Techno single and I'm giving you a sneak preview of it! Let me know if you think she has what it takes to make it in the music biz or should she stick to her day job...whatever that is!
Look Ma’ – No Hands
I never thought watching someone do something as simple as making a PB&J could be as inspirational as this video! I know people WITH arms that are not THIS coordinated! Take a look and the amazing foot coordination that this girl has, and the next time you feel like complaining, REMEMBER THIS VI…
NFL Preseason vs. Olympics [POLL]
NFL Preseason has officially begun and in MY opinion, not a moment TOO soon!...Now that Football is back will you be watching that or the Olympics? Cast your vote in the poll and I read the results during next week's show!
Chick-Fil-A YouTube Rant Gets CFO Fired! [POLL]
Everyone's all up in arms about the CEO of Chik-Fil-A making his personal opinions public! One Arizona Executive even got FIRED for the video he made in response...Do you think Mr. Smith's video was bad enough to deserve being fired for? Watch the video and cast your vote.
What OLYMPIC Events Do YOU Watch?
The 2012 Summer Olympics are up and running (pun intended) and countries all over the world are going the golds!...Which events will YOU be watching! Submit your answer in the POLL below and I'll read the results for the MOST POPULAR Olympic Events during tomorrow's show!
Have You Ever Been In A Car Accident? [POLL Results]
I don't know if this a good thing that I'm not alone, or a bad thing that there are so many BAD drivers out there, but an overwhelming majority of you have been in an accident one way or another! Whether if it was your fault or not!
Truth is, a lot of us drive with too many distractions tha…
Jim Jones Show @ The Pointe w/ Nino
Fly Gang E-N-T brought Jim Jones to The Pointe (Formerly Marina Pointe) last night and Jim made a hot night event HOTTER! There were a couple of good opening acts including the crew from Hard Headz, and the party sounds were provided by DJ's 2Black and Durdy...
Team Chris or Team Drake – Who You Wit’? [POLL]
Apparently Chris Brown is still fuming over the fight he had with Drake on June 14th and has released a remix of "I Don't Like" throwing shots at Drake! Check out the verse for yourself and let me know if you think Chris Brown has what is takes to go up against Drake in a lyrical batt…
Adele is Pregnant! Boy or Girl? [POLL]
Submit your answer on whether Adele will have a boy or girl and give your suggestions for a name and we'll see if Mommy Adele's likes any of them! Keep in mind that Adele's last name is Adkins so it should probably be a name that goes well with that. I don't know what her baby da…

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