The Korean Toy Companies have finally outdone American (and China) when it come to come up with the most disgusting toy ever...for GIRLS no less! Introducing Kong Suni - the Farting doll!

Kung not only lets one rip when you tickle her tummy like the Pillbury Dough Boy with gas, she come with cereal for eat (most likely BRAN) and a TOILET! Yes, a toilet!

I saw a commercial earlier today for a pig in a chef's uniform that eats til his belly explodes, but Chef Pig ain't got NOTHIN' on Kong when if comes to disgusting toys for kids this year!

So this Christmas, if there's a little girl on your list that has the etiquette of a sailor on shore leave, Kong Suni (or whatever she'll be call when she hits the U.S.) is the perfect gift!