Everyone's all up in arms about the CEO of Chik-Fil-A making his personal opinions public! One Arizona Executive even got FIRED for the video he made in response.

Adam Smith drove through the drive-thru of his local Chick-Fil-A and recorded himself making the drive thru clerk VERY UNCOMFORTABLE to say the least! In the video, you can tell that the cashier was doing her best to remain professional and quote the ready made corporate response VERBATIM so she wouldn't lose HER job.

Apparently, some of the higher-ups in Mr. Smith firm got wind of the video and decided to let Mr. Smith, state that his actions for inappropriate. He never represented himself on behalf of the company, but they still felt that his actions cast a bad light on the company.

Do you think Mr. Smith's video was bad enough to deserve being fired for? Watch the video and cast your vote.