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Nino’s FREE App of the Week – Bow Man
Bow Man is an archery app that pits you against a computer opponent or another human who has the app on their phone, in a high arching bow and arrow duel to the death! I know it sounds a little dramatic for a black and white archery game, but once you start playing, you'll forget about the grap…
Rodney King Dies At Age 47
Rodney King, victim of the police brutality that sparked the LA Riots, was found dead in his swimming pool this morning by his fiance. King gained infamy after a high speed car chase with police, ended in the near death beating by four LAPD officers that was video taped by an onlooker.
Nino’s Father’s Day Gift Ideas
Tomorrow is Father's Day and if you're like EVERY OTHER woman on the planet, you've already decided what you're going to get "DAD" and are probably bursting at the seams trying NOT to give it to him early! But just in case you haven't decided what you're going…
Bobbi Kristini Quits Tyler Perry’s New Show
Bobbi Kristina has apparently quit the production of Tyler Perry's new show Better or Worse after having an emotional breakdown on the set and storming off. According to sources, BK hasn't correctly dealt with the loss of her mother, singing legend Whitney Houston.
New Shoes For Nino
So I finally broke down and went to Champs in the mall and decided to get a pair new shoes and an all white heavy T-Shirt...I find myself walking flat footed trying to avoid getting those crow's feet creases in the toe, and making sure I don't kick anything or drag my feet, cause who knows…
iPhone Todd Fixes PC’s Now! [GALLERY]
I was out at iPhone Todd's new location, 1400 E. Division street this weekend to help Todd tell the Tri-state that he now fixes PC's! We had pizza, sodas, and discounted rates on a lot of his repair services. Not only does he have the best rates and service on all your i- needs, as well an…
Starlito and Gutta Gambino Party @ Pulse Nightclub
Every Friday it's always something good going down at the Pulse NightClub and this weekend was no different! This week's party was sponsored by Don's and Divas and they brought Starlito and local rap star Gutta Gambino to the stage and they did not dissappoint!
Nino’s Free App of the Week – Equalizer
The equalizer app takes your music to a whole new level. Not only does it boost the overall quality and volume of your favorite songs, it also enhances the quality and clarity of your phone calls and movies. Any thing that produces audio, the Equalizer app will make sound the best it can.
POLL RESULTS – Is John Travolta Gay?
The people have spoken and the results are in! According the poll, over 57% believe the rumors about John Travolta being gay, with the other 42% say it MIGHT be! WOW! Was I the ONLY only who thought it might not be true? First Will Smi...
Nino’s FREE App of the Week – Are You Ugly?
Have a lot of fun insulting your friends or drop your OWN self-esteem down a couple notches with the ARE YOU UGLY app for you smartphone!
Simply scan the face of the person you want to rate and the bio-metric technology with rate your ugliness on a scale of 0-5, with 5 being pug butt ugly...

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