If you wondering if there's anything good to rent from your local movie rental establishment, or if you're like me, to stream online with Netflix, and you're into suspenseful dramas with crazy twists, then I might have just the movie for you! This week's movie rental review is on STRAW DOGS, directed by Rod Lurie.

Straw Dogs is about a Hollywood writer who falls in love and marries a small-town actress from Blackwater, Mississippi that he meets on the set of one of their TV shows. They decided to move back to Blackwater and take over the house that the wife grew up in and that when all the trouble begins.

Tensions flare up IMMEDIATELY when the former-football-jock ex-boyfriend makes himself known once again when the couple decided to eat lunch at a local bar! And I just gets crazier from there! The wife throws out all kinds of mixed signal to the ex-beau, trying to get a "rise" out of both him and her husband, and her plan works...maybe TOO well!

STRAW DOGS is a good movie to kill 110 minutes on without getting bored out of your mind, or lost in a convoluted story line! Nino NCognito give STRAW DOGS a thumbs up!

Next week's movie rental review: ABDUCTION. I'll meet you on the couch....