Unless you have allergies, most people love the smell of fresh cut grass. But did you know that your grass FEELS PAIN when you cut it? Everyone is familiar with the aroma that fills the air during those summer weekends when all of the dads on the block crank up their mowers and begin the weekly rituals of lawn maintenance.

That aroma is actually the grass' defense mechanism. Just like a Bumblebee calls for help by releasing hormones in the air, your lawn is literally screaming in pain for help every time you cut it!

For some reason, I've always thought of cutting grass like cutting hair. I thought that the roots were the sensitive part of the grass and the green stuff was just for gathering sun light. I've never felt the sensation of pain while shaving unless I nicked myself with the razor.

So the next time you take a deep breath to enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass this summer, know that you are taking pleasure in some poor lawn's pain!


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