Sorry, not sorry.

I had myself a pretty busy Saturday night. Earlier in the evening, I had a clean corporate comedy event for doctors who are currently in a family practice course. The show was a lot of fun and they enjoyed themselves. Because it was a corporate event, I had to look my best. Here's a very wholesome Gavin:

After that show, I went and changed because I had tickets to a midnight showing of StageTWO's Rocky Horror Show. If you know anything about Rocky Horror, you know you have to go all out. Dress as scandalous as you want and gender-bending is encouraged.

Never missing an opportunity for fun (and attention), I decided it was time to go full-drag on this outing. Here's my sexy self in my Rocky Horror glory:

It's OK to feel things. Embrace it. Also, thanks to everyone who commented on my Facebook post that I have nice legs. Y'all know how to make a girl blush.

The show was a lot of fun and everyone in the cast did an amazing job. If you missed out on the show this weekend, you've got ONE more chance to check it out this Saturday.

You can get tickets here.