I was just scrollin' on through my Facebook news feed when I learned that I'm never allowed to complain about the cold weather....ever again.

Thanks to Buzzfeed, I can determine what kind of dog I'd be based off my personality traits, get the latest celeb gossip, and now, be put in my place whenever I start to think Evansville is "cold."

As I'm scrolling through Facebook today, I saw an article published by Buzzfeed about a town that gets down to -96 degrees sometimes.

Let me say that again.


I think last night in Evansville, we hit the -2 mark. So, let thank sink in for a moment.

According to the Buzzfeed article, the absolutely frigid temps occur frequently in the small town of Oymyakon, which is located in Siberia.

Cross Siberia off my list of places to travel to when I get rich and famous and start traveling the world.

Apparently it's cold in Siberia all the time. Their "average" temperature in the small town is only 4 degrees, so there's that.

So...don't mind me as I retract all my aforementioned statements about Evansville being too cold. I'll quietly bite my tongue now.


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