They got me talking Italian, food that is. I wanted to treat myself to some authentic Italian food, and found a classy, cool place on the edge of downtown Evansville in the art district. If you want some real Italian cuisine with an atmosphere you must experience, and a staff that are just a bunch of cool cats, then your wait is over. You need to come get 'sauced'!

Not even a panoramic shot gives justice to the atmosphere inside.

If you do not want to sit in the dining area, they offer a full bar for you to hang out with your friends and enjoy good spirits.

The experience truly starts when you walk through the front door and are greeted, but your edible adventure starts with the appetizer. I started mine with the Frito Ricotta; fresh, fried mozzarella with in-house made sauce.

The adventure continues with the entrée. I enjoyed the Casalena, a spicy Italian sausage served atop a bed of Rigatoni, and dressed with a tangy house-made marinara sauce.

My wife had the ravioli. The Chef Selection was the seafood, which consisted of hand-drawn ravioli, stuffed with shrimp and scallions and covered in a spicy lobster sauce. It was, apparently, so good, I wasn't even offered a bite (It's ok, I cannot eat seafood).

After this, the only thing left to satisfy was my sweet tooth. Let me tell you, I did this two fold through both food and beverage with the Coca-Cola Salted Caramel Float and the Italian Cheesecake. Yes, I shared!

To end, my stomach was a little too full, but I was one happy guy, and I was completely 'sauced'! If you would like to create your own adventure get to 1113 Parrett St. in Evansville, or call 812-402-2230.

And if you know of any local businesses I should visit, please e-mail me at and let me know.


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