'X-Men: Days of Future Past' is to commence shooting in April, and it will include a lot of familiar faces. One current holdout is Halle Berry, who originated the role of Storm. Last we heard she wasn't in the picture, but now it looks like there's a strong chance of Storm appearing in 'Future Past.'

This comes from Indiewire, who sat down with Halle Berry for an interview and were told that she was "Practically 90% sure" she would be in the movie, but it sounds like not all the paperwork is finished.Earlier we thought that Singer's non-committal interviews were a way of suggesting that the character wouldn't be used, but it could just be that Berry's contract negotiations have been more involved than the other performers.

As for Berry's return, the character never had much to do in the previous films, so we're mostly ambivalent about it. Hopefully she'll be used well this time. What may be most surprising about Berry coming back is that it means she and director Bryan Singer patched things up. There were press leaks that Singer and Berry's relationship was tumultuous on the set of 'X2,' and she was famously quoted telling Singer he could "kiss (her) black ass" during an argument. So perhaps the return is a way to make amends. We'll know shortly for sure as filming will start in April with 'Future Past' scheduled to hit theaters July 18, 2014.

UPDATE: 3/4/13 -- While promoting 'The Call,' Halle Berry sat down with Access Hollywood and stated, "I’m in. I think I’m in... I am [excited], yeah. I love Storm. That’s one of my favorite characters that I’ve played. And people love that character as well."

UPDATE: 3/4/13 -- Bryan Singer publicly confirmed the casting by tweeting:

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