WWE Smackdown is coming to The Ford Center TONIGHT & The Rob's Radio Show had the opportunity to hang out with Christian, the current WWE Intercontinental Champion.

A few years ago, I took my daughter to see WWE at Roberts Stadium, and we were sitting in the front row. As The Big Show walked by, Elizabeth stuck out her hand & Big Show touched it... I still here stories from her about that moment!

This is the first time that I have met a Pro Wrestler. Today, I got to meet Christian. He was a really cool guy. It was pretty awesome having him on the show with us this morning. We captured most of the interview with him on video. I still have to get it all loaded up into Youtube, but I thought I would share a segment with you now.

This is the final few minutes of our interview with Christian, but it is really pretty funny.


Tickets are still available for WWE Smackdown tonight at the Ford Center. You can get them at all ticketmaster locations including The Ford Center Box Office.