This morning on The Rob's Radio Show with Maddie West, we stumbled across a story about a mom in the UK who was charging parents $82 admission to her son's birthday party. It was at a go-cart track out of town, and the $82 included: $23 transportation for 80 miles round-trip and $59 for the go-carts.

Nope, that price tag doesn't even include lunch.

Rob said it's about your kid. If your kid really wants to go, and it'd be a really neat experience, he doesn't see an issue with paying the fee. I however, think charging for a party you're throwing for your own child is tacky. Web Master Ashley said she'd complain behind closed doors and politely decline.

Ultimately, we all agree that the experience is the deciding factor. Go-carts = not worth $82. However, an overnight trip out of town (if age appropriate), might be worth that price tag.



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