If there is one that all Evansville residents can agree on, it's our overall displeasure with driving the Lloyd Expressway. Through the years, the "Expressway" has been the butt of numerous jokes because, well, the only thing in common the road shares with other Expressways is the actual name. The Lloyd has plenty of stoplights to make your commute more painful and longer. This got me thinking of the the worst traffic lights in Evansville. Without further ado, here's our picks for the worst traffic lights!

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    Lloyd Expressway and Weinbach Avenue

    When traveling Eastbound on the Lloyd and you decide you want to get off and travel North on Weinbach thus begins the insanity. You have the stoplight that meets you at the end of the exit ramp and then to turn left underneath the Lloyd you have another stoplight. This wouldn't be that bad however this is over the course of maybe 50-60 ft. You have to hurry and turn left to just wait again in most circumstances for the light to turn green.

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    Lloyd Expressway and Red Bank Rd.

    This is the first of my "Wal-Mart stoplights" I'll bring up in this list and being honest, this is the better of the two. That isn't a complement, though. If you're westbound on the Lloyd and you decide that you want to turn left (South) on to Red Bank Rd. you better be not be looking to go anywhere fast. The right lane of the two left turn lanes  usually fills up with people looking to turn into the Wal-Mart. The left lane of the two left turn lanes usually has few people waiting whatsoever. What happens when the light turns green to turn left is usually a mad dash for the people in the far left lane to switch lanes into the right lane just so they can get into Wal-Mart without having to wait in the right lane of the two left turn lanes in traffic while waiting on the Lloyd.

    I know what you're thinking, "that made head hurt reading all of that. " Try driving in that mess!

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    Best Buy Entrance from Burkhardt Rd.

    I'm unsure on what the designers were smoking the day they designed this turn but it must have been something wicked. If you're a gadget nut like me, you look forwards to your visits to Best Buy. If you're traveling northbound on Burkhardt Rd. you have to turn left to enter the shopping complex that houses Best Buy.  This wouldn't be that bad of a proposition if it wasn't for the fact that traffic on Burkhardt Rd. is always CRAZY. If you time it just right you can turn left whenever you have a left turn light. If not, you'll have green light to turn but you have to yield to oncoming traffic. Once again, this wouldn't be that bad of proposition but TRAFFIC IS ALWAYS CRAZY ON BURKHARDT RD. Plus, to make matters worse, the left turn lane if you're facing southbound on Burkhardt Rd. blocks your view if you do want to turn left into Best Buy. To quote Rick James, "Cocaine is a hell of a drug!"

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    US41 and Lloyd Expressway

    Besides being home to numerous traffic accidents every year, the exit from US41 onto the Lloyd Expressway  is also the creator of numerous headaches. It seems like every city has their version of a "spaghetti junction." Not wanting to feel left out, Evansville decided they needed one too. Thank you glorious road designers, thank you. This is all that we needed. You could have made this entrance onto an Expressway just that, an entrance. Oh no, you had to be funny. Lets add some more stoplights to stoplight-clogged Expressway. You designers....so funny.

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    Lloyd Expressway and Burkhardt Rd.

    It's now time for my favorite (HAHA) of all stoplights in Evansville. What makes the stoplight at the Lloyd Expressway and Burkhardt Rd. so special? Well, it is the second of my "Wal-Mart Stoplights" and let's be honest, the worst of the two. Two left turn lanes usually fighting to get over into the far right light once you make the turn onto Burkhardt Rd. and, to top it off, the shortest left turn light in all Evansville. I could be exaggerating a bit on that last sentence but it sure seems that way sometimes.

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