Chicken wing fans, rejoice! A new option to get your fix is heading to Evansville's east side!

It seems that Evansville is being flooded with a rush of new restaurants lately. Between the new Panda Express in front of Meier, to the announcement earlier this year that we'll finally be getting not just one, but several Dunkin' Donuts locations, to a new Mexican restaurant in downtown Evansville, our eating options seem to be growing by the day.

According to the Evansville 411 Facebook page, you can now add national chicken wing chain, Wingstop to that list.

As it stands, the nearest Wingstop locations for us chicken wing aficionados until now was either Louisville or Terre Haute, both of which are an hour and a half to an hour and 45 minutes away.

Where exactly near Eastland Mall is unknown at this time. I've only been to one Wingstop in my life and that was in Macon, Georgia a couple of years ago. That particular location, and the other's I've looked at on Google Street view (including the one pictured above in St. Louis), have been located in strip mall style shopping plazas. If that's to be the case for the Evansville location, that means we're either looking at the building south of the Mall that's home to Bed, Bath, & Beyond, and Gatti Town, one of the two buildings north of the Mall by Mike's Car Wash, or the Eastland Shoppes complex at the intersection of Green River and Morgan which houses Mission BBQ and Zuki, among others.

Wherever it may end up, the fact that it will be close to the Buffalo Wild Wings location in Eastland Place is no coincidence.

Visit the Wingstop website to learn more about how they operate, as well as the various sauces and dry rubs they feature for their wings, boneless wings, and tenders.

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