Them Phresh Boyz was formed in Evansville Indiana and have a huge fan base here. Their are 16 members in the group; Lil Phresh and Flyguy are the leaders of the rap group and the other members are dancers and guests that rap on their cds/videos.Them Phresh Boyz have done over a 100 songs with some that you can check out on there page as well as their web page. Plus you check out some of their videos on their youtube page. You can check out one their videos for their latest single "IM STUNNER"  well as their contest after the jump!

Them Phresh Boyz - IM STUNNER

Plus, for those who like Them Phresh Boyz, we got a contest for you! If you would like to win $100 plus the latest Them Phresh Boyz release, click here and answer this question: What famous old-school Jamaican singer-songwriter and musician is on a t-shirt in the Them Phresh Boyz video for "IM STUNNER?

Them Phresh Boyz:

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