We know how it goes, the boss is breathing down your neck day in and day out and the kids are being...well, kids. There never seems to be any time (or money for that matter) for you to get away. That's all about to change thanks to RC Cola, Haynie Travel, and 106-1 KISS-FM as we're looking to hook you up with a cruise to your choice of one of seven Caribbean locales!

On Sunday, October 30th during Main Street Trick or Treat in Downtown Evansville, we'll award one lucky winner with the trip! But you have to qualify first and there's two ways to do that. You can sign up for the chance to be a qualifier right here on our website, or you can stop by our upcoming live broadcast on October 27th at Buehler's IGA on Evansville's West Side from 3-5pm.

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