A school in Gary, Indiana has made a major change to what they let their kids bring to school, and there are already people thinking this change should make its way to the Land of Lincoln. Here are the details...

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According to Fox News, there is a school in Gary, Indiana that will now force kids to only have CLEAR Backpacks and Bags while in school, this change will start at the beginning of the next school year. In the article from Fox News, they say...

"The South Bend Community School Corp. announced at Monday evening’s board meeting that starting in the 2023–24 school year, it will allow only clear backpacks on all campuses...The district will provide one clear backpack free of charge for each student, it said. Students will be allowed to carry within their backpacks a non-clear pouch no larger than 5.5 by 8.5 inches to hold personal items..."

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My immediate reaction is that it sucks that we are at this point in our country that we have to resort to this. Schools should be safe places for learning, growth, fun, and a positive experience, but sadly they have turned into places where unspeakable tragedies keep happening.

My second reaction is that I love that the schools will provide a free bag, if you are requiring something like this you should fund the initial requirement. Also, I like that they have a small pouch available to keep personal items and that pouch isn't clear.

Finally, I would be supportive of seeing this rule spread to school districts in Illinois. Until lawmakers can figure out a way to stop school shootings, this is a way for schools to help reduce the threat of a school shooting. Even if this only helps prevent one school shooting, then it's worth it, especially in a state like Illinois that has cities where gun violence is an epidemic.

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