I know you may be thinking "Melissa, the world is supposed to end tomorrow (12/21/2012) not yesterday!" Well NASA is so sure that the world will not be ending tomorrow that they have already released a video that you are supposed to watch the day after you have survived the "apocalypse"  telling you why the world is still spinning, and nothing has changed.  You can check out the video below!


I'll be completely honest with you, I don't buy the whole end of the world stuff.  But if it were to actually be "doomsday" Here's 10 things I would take into hiding with me.  Assuming I had a place to hide.

Melissa's Apocalypse Shelter will need the following:

  1. My dog
  2. A lot of water
  3. possibly some alcohol (The world is ending, might as well party)
  4. Pizza, mac n cheese, and
  5. An oven to cook the pizza
  6. Netflix (I assume life after the apocalypse would be pretty boring)
  7. My cell phone in case there is service.
  8. My iPod, I'll need tunes.
  9. Dog food (Bailey's gotta eat too!)
  10. My bed (I need to be well rested if I'm going to be going out into a post apocalyptic world to get things I need!)

What would be in your shelter?