The Warrick Humane Society has played a big role in my life. I have served on the board, volunteered at the WHS, and have even adopted animals from the non-profit in Newburgh. I can tell you, when I served on the board, I saw the financials and it's hard to believe that the entire rescue is paid for entirely by the support of our community. Day-to-day operations at the facility can become pricey and it is even more when a dog or cat comes in that needs additional medical treatment. Plus, it's a no-kill shelter so pets stay until they are adopted.

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To help fund the rescue, WHS does various fundraising events throughout the year. COVID has put a big dent in all non-profits' donations. But the WHS has to continue on with its mission so to raise money, they are hosting an online auction. It's going on NOW til the 20th of September.

Fall Online Silent Auction
Welcome to the Warrick Humane Society 2021 Fall Online Auction! We have some very exciting changes this year that we can’t wait to share with you. First you will notice that we have partnered with Curran Miller Auction|Reality for our online auction. This is a departure from using a Facebook Album for online bidding. All Bidders will register on the Curran Miller website in order to be able to start bidding. Over past few years, we have unfortunately, had issues with people winning lots & never picking up their items. Not only did this take away the opportunity for other people to win. but it took away from the potential proceeds raised to help support WHS Rescue Pets. We also fielded a lot of messages that it was hard to track bids on Facebook with the album & not all comments showing. These issues were out of our hands & part of the ever evolving changes with Facebook.
There are some great be benefits going through a professional auction house. With Curran Miller Auction some of those include:
*Everyone that is bidding on an equal playing field since all participants register in order to bid.
*You can also create a List of your Favorite Lots which cuts down on scrolling through all the lots when you want to bid.
*We were allowed multiple images per lot so make sure to scroll through to see just how awesome this years donations are!
*Once you bid you can receive email notifications if you are out-bid to keep you in the loop what is happening with your favorite lots.
*Once the Auction closes all Winners will receive a notification that they have won & payments are immediately processed through Curran Miller. This will make pick up for the winners even faster at WHS since payments have already been taken care of.
*There is a small processing fee for all of these services we now have available for everyone to make this the best auction yet! Please read the terms & conditions on the Curran Miller Registration Page. We hope that this new way of running the online auction any issues in the past & ensures that the full proceeds from the Auction go to help save as many WHS Rescue Pets as we can this year!

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