Compare notes with the Tri-State's most opinionated DJ.

Last night was another bum episode of The Voice, not one of my favorites.  That can be applied to every other episode of this season.  Last night was especially bad for me considering that (literally) every other song performed was a country song from Team Blake.  But even still, I have thoughts, and I’ll tell you who should be scared of elimination tonight.



SOSHA – The final performance of the night was definitely the most well-received, although her performance of “Oh! Darling” didn’t do anything for me at all.  The way the crowd and the judges were reacting made me think I was missing something.  I don’t see her going anywhere.


GARRETT – Conversely, if you ask me, the performance that got the show started was probably second-best.  It was my particular favorite (and also, ironically, written by a Beatle).  Garrett took on John Lennon’s “Imagine,” and played it pretty safe by not changing too much, which I appreciated.  I’d be pretty surprised if he was eliminated



CORINA – I know a lot of people like her, but I REALLY don’t.  Her cover of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” disappointed me.  If only one contestant per team goes home, I’ll think she’ll be OK, because she still did better than…


CHRIS – I was all kinds of excited to find out Chris was getting Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man,” but was most definitely let down when show time arrived.  I think Adam nailed it, he came of nervous and uncomfortable.  I think he’ll be shown the door tonight.



DANIELLE – Four people stand out to me right now as potential winners.  Danielle is one of them.  She is sweet as sugar, pleasant to look at, innocent-looking, and 16.  Plus she sings country.  She’s the safest performer from last night’s show.  I expect to see her in the finals and consider her a possible winner.


HOLLY – Not one of MY favorites, but then again nobody on Team Blake is (that spot is currently reserved for Ms. Caroline on Team Adam).  Outside of Danielle, I had time ranking Team Blake, but I gave the #2 spot to Holly.  It is very possible it was because she sang a song that I at least recognized.



THE SWON BROTHERS – I don’t even feel comfortable typing the name of the SONG or ARTIST of the song the Swon boys sang.  While the lyrical content made my stomach turn, the way their voices harmonized was actually kind of impressive.  I know personally, I don’t want a duo to win a show like this, and I think people will agree with me to a point.


…OK, they sang “Fishin’ in the Dark” by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band or something.


JUSTIN – Justin is a facing a mountain of misfortune from last night.  When I got to writing this, I couldn’t remember who I was missing.  I couldn’t remember what song he sang OR even what his name was.  I had never heard “Meet in the Middle” before, and honestly hope I never do again.  He didn’t have a great performance last night, but mainly he broke the SINGLE worst rule for people on singing competition shows…  He was forgettable.  I think his time on the show is about up.