Yesterday, I debuted the first in a five part series of movies from the 1980's that I think are due up for a sequel. Today I bring you the story of five stereotypical teenagers who learn one of life's most valuable lessons...


Plot: Five high school students with nothing in common except the fact that they have to spend a Saturday stuck in detention together, realize over the course of the day that regardless of their personalities or social status, you can't judge a book by its cover. It's a lesson in life people...a lesson in life.

Here's one of the more iconic scenes from the movie where all five members prove that no matter who you are or what your beliefs may be, music has the power to unite us together (Whoa! That was deep).

Possible Sequel Plot: It's 30 years later and after finding each other on Facebook, the group decides to reunite at a secluded cabin at "the lake" to see how their lives have progressed since that fateful Saturday morning.

The jock (Andrew Clark, played by Emilo Estevez) is a former professional football player who was booted from the game he loved following a highly publicized steroid scandal and now makes his living touring the country talking to high school and college students about the dangers of performance enhancing drugs. He now lives in Vermont with his life-partner, Terry (curveball!).

In a not-so-ironic twist, the pretty girl (Claire Standish, played by Molly Ringwald) has dealt with self-esteem issues her entire life that has resulted in three failed marriages and five children. An aspiring actress, she currently works as a waitress in Los Angeles pursuing her big break.

The smart guy (Brian Johnson, played by Anthony Michael Hall) became the founder of Google and has made a more than comfortable living for himself and his family in Silicone Valley (see, they don't all have to be ironic twists).

The trouble maker (John Bender, played by Judd Nelson) is now a right-wing conservative commentator on Fox News who is an outspoken critic of gay marriage. Expect sparks to fly when he learns of the path his buddy Andrew's life has taken!

Although we saw her embrace the idea that she could be pretty and somewhat "socially acceptable", the social outcast (Allison Reynolds, played by Ally Sheedy) has since decided to embrace who she truly is and now lives in a commune with other like-minded individuals where she grows her own food and makes clothing out of camel hair.

Unbeknownst to the group, the very cabin they're staying in was the sight of a grisly murder 50 years ago that has never been solved and the killer has returned to pick up where he left off. Did I also mention that the cabin sits on an ancient Native American burial ground and there are killer spirits out to eliminate any one who dares stay at the cabin? Because there totally are. With their lives on the line, the group must band together in order to survive and figure out who is behind the killings of the past. Or is the killer one of them?? (Cue dramatic music…DUM! DUM! DUM!)

(BONUS) Possible Titles: The Breakfast Club: Over-Easy, The Breakfast Club Gets Forked


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