I recently bought a new car, and I love my new car, however with now having a car payment and going from my old 4-cylinder to a 6-cylinder has got me a little more money conscience.  I know in the tri-state, gas is pretty much inevitable, it's not quite like cities like Chicago, or New York, where a lot of their residents don't have cars because they have so much access to public transportation or everything is within walking distance.  Luckily I found this really awesome website to help you out! This cool website is MotorTrend.com and they have this cool section that shows gas prices in your area and it updates it everyday.  If you're in the Evansville area you can just click this link here to see cheapest gas prices in Evansville However if you don't live in Evansville here's how you find the lowest gas prices in your area! (Beware insane Paint skills ahead!)

Step One: Click on Features:

Step Two Click Gas Prices:

Step Three: Find your state or type in your zip code

Step Four: Find the cheapest gas in your area! (My favorite part!)

Now this is just one page of the search there were 6 pages of Evansville gas stations and it showed the lowest price on every page.

Anyways I hope this site helps you like it's helped me!