According to, yes they do!


Getty Images is a national website focusing on the business of gas stations.  They have been doing research on, of all things, gas stations' BATHROOMS.  They claim to have gone through more than 7,200,000 reviews of 140,000 gas stations' bathrooms nationwide.  Then they have found each state's BEST-REVIEWED BATHROOM! gave Indiana's gold medal to Casey's General Store.  Personally, while I have filled up there and shopped there, I haven't 'relieved myself' there.  If you have, let me know what you think about their facilities in the comments section.  Is there a gas station in the Tri-State that you think has a BETTER restroom?  LET US KNOW!!!


If you want to see GasBuddy's research, or check out other states like Kentucky and/or Indiana, cleck HERE!