Many of us grew up believing in things that later we found out not to be true. Like Christopher Columbus discovering America, or Pluto being a planet. But sometimes parents have kids believing things that are absolute crazy, just to get them to do what they are told.

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When I was a kid I use to always ask my mother to let me eat dinner in my room. I just wanted to watch television while I ate. But she would always tell me no and make me eat at the kitchen table.

Growing up in public housing, there was sometimes a problem with pests such as roaches and spiders, so my mom was especially diligent when it came to keeping the house clean. So in order to discourage from wanting to eat in my room, my mother told  me that if dropped any food in my room, that the bugs would come in, and carry me out of my bed in my sleep!

What's the craziest thing YOU were ever told as a child or have ever told your children? Leave your answers in the comment box!

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