Growing up, we didn't have a garage so I always parked outside. I thought when I bought my first house and got married, I'd for sure have a spot inside to park my truck. My husband runs his contracting business outside our garage so there's never enough room for me. Boo... So, I continue to fight the battle of the icy, frosty windshield winter after winter.

This year is going to be different. I'm arming myself with these frost-fighting methods. And, never ever pour hot water on your windshield! The results could end... badly.

Neat Sheet

I've been looking for a fabric that repels water to lay across my windshield. I looked online and found the Neat Sheet. It's a little pricey but you can cut it up and use it for other things too like picnics or wrap yourself up during a rainy outdoor football game. Pretty handy and the reviews are great. Plus, this is your best defense against heavy snowfall or icy rain.

Vinegar Solution

Mix three parts vinegar (any kind) with one part water. Load it up in a spray bottle and spray liberally over your windshield the night before a frost. Wipe with a squeegee or old rag. Must be done daily. You can also spray on existing frost or ice for faster melting.

Alcohol Solution

By spraying a mixture of 2:1 rubbing alcohol with water on ice or frost, you will melt the existing ice faster. This can also be used on frozen doors and applied the night prior to a frost.